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How does bidding work

how does bidding work

How does it work?

The Council and 16 of the EdIndex partners let their available homes through Edinburgh’s Choice Based Letting Scheme EH Your Key to Choice.

If you want to be considered for a home you need to:

  • Be registered with EdIndex
  • Check through the empty homes available each week
  • Submit up to 3 bids for the homes you are interested in

What is EdIndex?

Anyone who is 16 years or older can apply for housing in Edinburgh through EdIndex. EdIndex is a partnership between the Council and 20 Housing Associations and Housing Co-operatives in Edinburgh. You only need to complete one application form to register for housing with all the landlords.

Please note, if you have come to the United Kingdom from abroad it is possible that you may qualify for Council housing.

How do I get an application form?

It’s easy to apply for a home. You can download the EdIndex application form here. Please note you are not able to complete the form on line. You can also pick up a form from any of the EdIndex landlords.

Once completed you should send the form to: The EdIndex Team, Business Centre 1.4, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG. You can hand in the form to any of the Council Neighbourhood Offices. The current cost to post the form using second class mail is £1.19 and £1.26 for first class.

What happens next?

Once we have received your application form we aim to process it within 5 working days. We will then write to you with your EdIndex Reference Number. You need this number in order to bid.

How do I bid for a home?

  • Look at our website at check out Monday’s Edinburgh Evening News or get a free copy of EH Your Key to Choice paper at:
    • Council Neighbourhood Offices
    • EdIndex landlords offices
    • Local libraries
  • You can also access the website free at your local library.
  • You can choose up to three homes every week.
  • Once you’ve selected your homes fill in the bidding form .
  • We must receive your bid(s) by the advertised closing date which is 3.30pm on a Friday afternoon .
  • If we don't get your bid(s) in time, you will not be considered for the homes you have picked.
  • If you are successful you will be contacted by the landlord after the closing date.
  • You won't hear if you are unsuccessful and you should carry on bidding.

What homes can I bid for?

Waiting time

When you register with EdIndex, you will build up waiting time. This is measured in days. How this is calculated will depend on whether you are a Starter or a Mover.

Each advert

is marked as either a Starter (S) or Mover (M). You can only bid for homes marked with the category that applies to you.

Starters are homes for people who are :

  • Homeless
  • Staying with a friend or relative
  • Staying in a hostel
  • Staying in supported accommodation
  • Renting a house or flat from a private landlord
Waiting time for Starters is calculated from the date the EdIndex form is registered. For example a Starter registered with EdIndex for one year has 365 waiting days and will build up a further day for every day registered.

Movers are homes for people who are :

  • A Council tenant
  • A Housing Association or Housing Co-operative tenant
  • A joint tenant with the Council, Housing Association or Housing Co-operative
  • A tenant of tied accommodation that is provided by an employer
  • An owner occupier of a home (you may have a mortgage)
Waiting time for Movers is calculated from the date they moved into their current home. For example, if someone has been in their home for 10 years, they will have 3,650 waiting days and will build up a further day for every day they remain in their current home.

Important – A Mover’s waiting time can only be calculated if question 11 is answered on the EdIndex application form. That is, “what date did you move into your current property?

What size of home can I bid for?

If you bid for a home that is too big or too small for your needs, your bid will not be considered.

You can click on the Council's letting policy to see how many bedrooms you qualify for.

The other EdIndex landlords have different age and room sharing rules. This will be included in theirs adverts or you can contact the landlord directly for advice.

Can I view the home?

If you’re successful in your bid, a Housing Officer will arrange an appointment for you to view the home.

Remember that although the home is advertised, the current tenant may still be living there. We ask you to respect their privacy and not to contact them directly.

What can I do if my home is too big for me now?

If you currently live in a Council home with 3 or more bedrooms and it is too big for you, contact us to discuss your options. If you live in a Housing Association home that you feel is too big for you, please contact your landlord directly.

Please note rules vary between the Council and the other partner landlords in EdIndex.

Do all the EdIndex landlords let their homes through EH Your Key to Choice?

No. 4 landlords who are part of EdIndex let their homes directly. They do not advertise their homes through EH Your Key to Choice. They will contact you if a suitable house becomes available.

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