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What is asian handicap betting

what is asian handicap betting

Benefits of Betting in Asian Handicaps:

  • You have a 50% better chance of winning than with traditional odds
  • You bet on only two outcomes, the home or away team, the draw is eliminated
  • You will get more frequent returns from your stakes
  • You can win your bet even if your team draws or loses the match

There are only two possible selections in Asian handicap betting, home team win or away team win. Asian Handicap betting thus eliminates the draw option used in normal multiples (1x2).

The greater the difference in ability between the teams involved in the match, the more goals you would expect the favourite to win by and the bigger the handicap will be. The underdogs will therefore be given a head start, a handicap, (of 0.5, 1 ball, etc.) by the favourite.

The favourite has to overcome the indicated handicap, and will have it taken away from its final score. The handicap for the favourite is preceded by a minus (-).

As the underdog is given a head start, they will have the handicap

added to its final score. The handicap for the underdog is indicated by a plus (+).

Take a 0.5 ball handicap example: The underdogs will start the game with a score of 0.5-0 (which then means there can’t be a draw result when the handicap is included, as mentioned above). The favourites have to win by at least 1-0 to win the bet, while bets on the underdog win with any other result.

Note that you either deduct the handicap from the favourite or add it to the underdogs final score - not both.

In a more even match than in the example above, we may want to use a handicap in between half balls (such as a 0.5 ball), and so a handicap of 0,+0.5 can be used. The best way to understand this type of handicap is to imagine you have two separate bets with your stake being split equally between the two handicaps (0 and 0.5 in this case)

Thus with a handicap of 0,+0.5, half your stake will be at a 0 ball handicap, and half at a 0.5 ball handicap.

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