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Get Found

Understand your performance

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(nuzu) knows Internet + Marketing.

We are an award winning Mississippi website design, website developer and Internet Marketing Agency. Nuzu Net Media specializes in performance oriented web design, landing page optimization, conversion improvement, social media marketing & online marketing for small and large businesses. Nuzu Net Media serves the surrounding area including Flowood, Madison, Brandon, Clinton, Canton, Richland and the world.  We can help your business or organization with every single piece of your online presence and many of your offline processes also. Have (nuzu) work for you. We build relationships that last!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site! We are sure that you already know that having a professional website can help you increase sales and expose you to thousands of new clients right? So now ask yourself this question, “Can I afford NOT to have a professional website?”


We are a cutting edge web design company in the United States, and have created hundreds of website design. We offer both ecommerce and business websites with HTML and CMS designs. We

will help you promote your small business online with a great looking custom website and online marketing. We will work with you to create an awesome design that is suitable for you and your needs. We do this by using modern, easily accessible, standard base design methods; or by creating a unique design from scratch using your sketch or Photoshop file. Our professional web designers have custom created hundreds of highly performing, creative websites and brand promoting solutions. We have skilled teams who understand our customers and deliver on performance objectives.

If you are looking to get a new website design for your business or are looking to give your old site or logo a touch up or a brand new look, we are here to help you with your needs. We can show you how easy it is to have your own business BLOG that brings in the customers you want, demonstrate our affordable E-commerce solutions and explain how they can help you sell more with less effort. We can also help and teach you how to increase your web site traffic, and we can maintain, host and register your domain name for you at an affordable rate.

Nuzu Net Media 116 Bridlewood Dr. Brandon, Mississippi (601) 750-1909

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