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Honey and Water: Is it Really that Good?

Every morning, or just about every morning, the first thing I do after waking up and using the bathroom (I guess you don’t need to know that part) is to make a honey + water drink. This may sound like an old wives tale or something your grandmother might have told you, but there is some serious truth behind the benefits of such a practice…I’m sure you’ll be surprised once you finish reading the information below.

First, how do you make the drink?

Simply add a teaspoon (or a tablespoon if you have a really sweet tooth) to a glass of natural mineral water (preferably room temperature) – which means NO tap water – that’s another subject that shall require an article within itself (stay tuned).

Stirring with a fork quickens the process – be patient now.

Then, open your mouth and consume the beverage

Ok, now for the science part:

Did you know that honey has been shown to be far superior to conventional antibiotics in treating infections and without the negative side effects associated with antibiotic use.

It is amazing that the bacteria-killing properties of honey

increase two-fold when diluted with water. Maybe that explains why newly born bees are nourished with diluted honey.

Also, when honey is mixed with water, a chemical reaction takes place resulting in the creation of hydrogen peroxide, the most powerful natural antibiotic. Unlike the hydrogen peroxide purchased in the pharmacy, the one produced by the above mixture is natural and therefore protects itself from being associated with conventional man-made antibiotics and their negative effects.

It only takes approximately 7 minutes for the honey + water mixture to diffuse into the bloodstream – ready to fight the bad stuff!

Apparently Mr. Hippocrates (430BC approx.) used two different honey mixtures, sometimes mixing the honey with vinegar and sometimes with water. He found that the honey water solution was far superior in treating wounds, though he probably did not know why.

Remember remember, use organic, unpasteurised (unpasteruized for my American readers

) and unfiltered honey – and to really be picky: try to source honey of locality, i.e. produced near to where you live (though this is not essential, it is very beneficial!)

So I guess you’ll be having a honey water beverage tomorrow morning?

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