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What is balance scale

what is balance scale

The Sartorius GD503 has been discontinued and no longer in production as of May 2013. The Sartorius jewelry line was phased-out and at this time there is no direct replacement. We have no remaining stock on the GD503 and all information displayed herein is for archival and support purposes only. For benchrest shooters looking for our reccommendation for an alternative balance to weigh bullets, reloads and brass case we ask you to look at the Sartorius Entris64-1S .

Looking for a balance that offers 100 gram weighing capacity and reads to 0.0001 grams or 500 carats x 0.001 carats the Sartorius GD503 is awesome. Totally unbelievable value. 500 carat balance readable to 0.001 carats that is Legal for Trade or if you want to weigh in grams 100 grams with readability to 0.0001 grams - YES 4 decimal places in grams. Sartorious GD503 comes with the 100 gram external calibration weight and dust cover at no additional cost.

GD503 balance comes with a 100 gram ASTM class 1 calibration weight, dust cover and RS-232 interface for connection to a computer or optional Sartorius YDP20-OCE printer. Only the Sartorius GD-503 comes standard with these items while competitive models typical charge big money for the calibration weight and a dust cover. Plus the GD503 has a 2 year manufacturer warranty. We dare you to compare and when someone tells you they can offer a similar balance for less give us a call and we'll help you understand what they are trying to sell you. It won't be made in the USA, it won't come with the calibration mass nor dust cover and it won't perform like the GD503 for the price we are selling the GD503.

Sartorius GD-503 is Legal for Trade. Customers told us they needed a high precision jewelry scale they could sell diamonds, precious and semi precious stones at trade shows like the Tucson JCK Gem Show. Some states like Arizona, New York, Florida don't play any games when it comes to weighing - you either have a Certified Class 2 balance to sell gems by weight or you're not selling any gems by weight until you get a Legal for Trade Scale .

When you're

buying precious gems and minerals by the gram or carat they must be measured on an ntep scales. Investigators from the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures spend several days every year at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, where they checked scales used by dealers who were selling items by weight. At the 2006 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show they confiscated 145 scales that were being used illegally because they did not conform to NTEP standards. Arizona Weights and Measures doesn't fool around and they can impose Civil penalties under section 41-2115 up to $50,000 in some situations. Recently in Albany, New York inspectors from the county's Division of Weights and Measures raided a store for using the wrong scales and the owner faces fines up to $70,000.

At gem & lapidary trade shows you'll probably not be able to sell your gems unless they have a Legal for Trade type approved balance like the GD-503 that can meets the inspector's requirements. The GD503 weighs up to 500 carats weighing capacity with readability to 0.001 carats. In the Legal for Trade mode the GD503 offers a second weigh mode in grams - 100g x 0.0001g. Yes, that is correct the balance increments in in four decimal increment in the gram weigh mode.

A big selling point on the GD-503 in the low profile 5.23 inch high draft shield chamber (height from pan to top of glass door). The two side doors and top door slide open for fast & easy access to the weighing chamber. Jeweler's have limited space in their stores and the small footprint makes the Sartorius GD503 a big selling point.

We believe the GD503 is the best 3 decimal place carat scale on the market for price, performance, features and quality. Those needing to weigh 0.0001 grams we doubt you can find anything comparable. Made in the USA and engineered & designed by the best metrology engineers that Göttingen Germany has at Sartorius' advance weighing technology research lab.

Please scroll down on this we page and there are a ton of information and images to help you decide the Sartorius GD503 is the weigh to go.

Sartorius GD503 Class II Balance

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