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What is going on with Windows Update?

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Good Morning, Gentlemen,

To be honest I am not sure if I am asking for help or warning you!

Having checked the history of Windows updates I had one failed update on 7th January this year. Every update from then until 10th July was successful, then chaos. I was switching off my desktop [ on the 10th of this month ] when it said the usual installing message and not to switch off. I then had to wait whilst the install went on and it then said to shut down. Now for reasons unknown my re-start stopped re-starting some months ago, so what I do is when the computer shuts down, I switch off, wait 30 seconds and boot up. Normally everything then sails through just as a re-boot does.

I have another post here about the starter file for Windows 2010 Excel and Word. I have Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium and thought I had downloaded and tried to install the 64Bit version. But it was not working the way I was told it should, and I have been hoping someone would tell me why, but I now think I know. As I said above the install started on its own accord, and this annoyed me but other problems intervened and, stupidly, I hadn’t checked the settings for updates.

When switching off yesterday afternoon it told me it was installing 21 updates. When it said shutting down it switched off the machine, which is what happened on the 10th and I had to go through several re-starts – including using my original DVD of Windows 7 – to get the machine working. So when this happened last night I left it and tried again this morning. It went OK to start with but when it got to starting Windows it just shut down. I did my usual re-boot procedure and it went to suggesting a repair. I clicked on that and it then said to do a ‘Restore’, which I said yes to and it then started normally. I looked in the

rules regarding updates and it said to check for updates and automatically download and install them. This is something that I would never do, so how it got changed I do not know! I have now got it set to download and install updates when I ask – but I will be checking this on a weekly basis!!

On looking at Windows Update this morning it said there were 8 important and 3 optional updates. The three optional updates were for an nVidia update and Skype – which I do not want – and a security update. The 8 important updates were for the Starter 2010 update which I got yesterday, but they were all for the 32Bit version. Thinking that the only way to get rid of them was to installation proceed I said to install. The usual re-boot was required and so I re-started Windows. It got as far as saying Starting Windows when it just shut down. I rebooted and whilst slower it went straight through. I have just checked Windows Update again and it states there are 25 important updates ( 7 for 32Bit and 17 for 64Bit, and 1 for Office 2007 Security update for Office Compatibility pack Service Pack 3. I do not have anything from Office 2007. ). There are 3 optional updates ( Skype, nVidia and a security update for 64Bit ) and I would like to know if I uninstall this Windows starter file will the 32Bit updates go away. Also I would be exceedingly pleased if someone could tell me what on earth is going on with Microsoft.

Many thanks for reading this long rant and even more for any replies, which will be very gratefully received.

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