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Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No1: Review of Research

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Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is a weight loss supplement that claims its ingredients are “based only on the results from human studies.” That statement alone made me want to review Formula 1! Furthermore, Real Dose also says that their products use the exact same amount of the ingredients that are used in research.  Both of these are bold statements that I don’t see many supplement companies making, so let’s review Real Dose Formula 1 and see what we can find out.

Who Makes Real Dose Formula No 1?

Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is a product of Real Dose Nutrition LLC located at 2031 16th Street Boulder, CO 80302 (the link shows what the physical location looks like). To contact Real Dose Nutrition, call (800) 928-5580 if inside the US (or if outside the US,

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+1-307-222-6725). In my review I found 2 different websites for the company:


According to the Better Business Bureau.  while Real Dose Nutrition is not  a BBB accredited business, the company has a BBB rating ofA ” as of 8/1/13. It appears that the person in charge of the company is Dr. Steven Sisskind. While he is listed as the “Chief Medical Officer” on both the BBB website and the Real Dose website, in a press release, dated June 10th 2013, Dr. Sisskind is called “the creator” of Real Dose Nutrition Formula No 1.

Real Dose Formula No.1 has also been sold on Amazon but when I wrote this review, Amazon showed this item as currently unavailable. I’ve linked to its Amazon page for those who want to check its future availability.

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