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What is brain balance?

Say the words brain balance and you will probably receive a blank look from most people. Though the term is not widely known, science is demonstrating that brain balance is actually a measurable indicator of a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

The brain is the most complex system we know of. It is the control center of the body and all its systems. Your brain literally drives your biological systems.

defines and shapes your life.

and the lives of those around you"

The importance of balance

We are drawn to sounds that are balanced and harmonized. Music that is balanced and harmonized sounds more beautiful, inspiring and enjoyable.

If a vehicle has a wheel that is out of balance, you can feel it when driving. The vibration creates extra wear and tear, impacting the handling, mileage and comfort for all passengers.

When an athlete loses their balance they almost always lose any advantage. When an athlete keeps their balance, they almost always retain their advantage.

When an engine is properly balanced and tuned produces the most power, in the most efficient way.

In the same way, for the brain to function best, it operates best in a balanced state. When a brain is balanced it produces high levels of creativity, performance, fulfillment, connection with others, and real-genuine happiness.

Benefits of brain balance

When we see people with unhealthy behavior, it is a reflection of imbalanced brain function. The opposite is true, that healthy behavior is a reflection of balanced brain function.

When a brain is balanced, feeling and thought compliment one another. The brain can work, free

of internal conflict.

With a balanced brain our sense of well being stays with us in spite of what may be occuring. We are more resilient to whatever life sends our way. We are better able to cope with being ourselves and life in general.

Brain balance and our true potenial

Real geniune brain balance allows access to potential that we may not have known existed.

We think faster, more clearly, more effectively, have more intuition, and feel more deeply.

We are more easily able to be proactively creative rather than destructively reactive.

A balanced brain is tied to what and how much information we are able to absorb - and how effectively we are able to use it.

When the brain is balanced we think about things and see possibilities we never would have seen when there are brain imbalances .

A balanced brain generates thoughts, ideas, and feelings that are a true reflection of our uniqueness.

Brain balance can be measured

More knowledge of the human brain and nervous system has been learned in the last 15 years than in all of recorded history. Brain balance can now be measured, assessed, and quantified.

Brain balance can be changed

Because brain balance can now be measured, it can be measurably improved.

With advanced brain technology it is possible to accurately measure brain balance and then "train your brain " to a new optimized state.

Quantifiable improvements to brain balance can be achieved in weeks, not years, without special knowledge or effort.

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