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What is broker of record

what is broker of record

Did You Know In Some Cases A Real Estate Associate And Even People Without A License Can Own Real Estate Company?

You can be independent and own your own real estate company. If you want to be able to act independently and have the freedom to run and manage your real estate as you see fit with the guidance of a Real Estate Broker. Then that's my goal for you.

I personally know what people are going through in today's economy. As you know so well you have to change with the current market or you're not going to survive. Well Real Estate is making a come back and you can have your own real estate company in Florida. I have many tools that I can share and implement for you and your real estate company that may bring

about a unique focus for your business future.

So, if you're looking for a Qualifying Broker (Broker of Record) for your real estate business here I am. I am a Florida licensed real estate broker. I would be happy to qualify and help you start your real estate brokerage anywhere in the State of Florida. I have the knowledge, the experience and the ability. I have been the broker of record for some companies for over 4 years. I will work either on a flat rate or percentage basis. I will even do the filings for you with the Department Of Professional Regulations.

Think it over, and then email me to discuss this opportunity.


Bob Calistri,

Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker


Bob Calistri, llc Real Estate

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