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The Queen of Corona

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The Queen of Corona is a supporting character in Disney's 2010 film Tangled . She is Rapunzel 's birth mother, and wife to the King  of Corona.



Like her husband, the Queen is not given any specific backstory to better address the character's origin. However, it is revealed that the Queen is also very much loved and supported by the kingdom and its denizens.


The Queen didn't show the majority of her personality, but most of her scenes give an idea of what she is like. The Queen is shown to love her daughter and her husband dearly: when Rapunzel is born, she smiles adoringly, cuddling and picking her up. She then silently comforts her husband on the day of the Floating Lights festival, gently touching his face when he cries. These scenes show that she is caring, supportive, and kindly. She is also shown to be very accepting, welcoming Eugene into the Royal family.

Physical appearance

The Queen bears a striking resemblance to her daughter; near identical, bright green eyes, with similar facial features. She, along with the King, also share Rapunzel's brown hair (after it was cut). The Queen's hair almost reaches her waist. It is parted in the same way as Rapunzel's is, and the upper layer is tied back neatly in a sort of updo.



The Queen is more involved in the movie, even though she does not have a speaking role like her spouse, the King. She contracted an unknown illness while heavily pregnant with Rapunzel, and she was going to die from the illness. The guards, however, found the magical golden flower that, through a traditional medicinal method such as extracting a plant's

essence by boiling it in water, fully healed her, which also successfully helped with the birth of Rapunzel. Not long afterward, Mother Gothel snuck into the castle to kidnap Rapunzel, who held the powers she believed were rightfully hers. As a loving mother, the Queen, along with the King, was devastated to have her baby taken away. Eighteen years later, she and the King continued to hold the lantern festival to call their daughter home and were just as emotionally shaken as the day she disappeared. The Queen did not return to the scene until a guard came to report Rapunzel's return. Although she was not able to immediately recognize and embrace Rapunzel as her long lost daughter upon first sight, the Queen's maternal instinct and striking resemblance to Rapunzel brought the family together immediately. As she, her husband and Rapunzel sank to the ground in a powerful embrace, the Queen silently extended her hand to Eugene in speechless gratitude. As he took it, she pulled him in to join them. She was last seen smiling and hugging Rapunzel and the King towards the end of the movie.

Tangled Ever After

The Queen has a brief appearance in Tangled Ever After . In Maximus ' dream sequence after he loses the rings, the Queen exclaims from the audience that the rings were her grandmother's. She also appears at the end, alongside The King, giving Maximus and Pascal a surprised look that they were both dirty and messy, and also smiling happily as her daughter is married.

Once Upon a Time

The King and Queen make a brief appearance at the end of the episode "The Tower ", where they are seen reuniting with Rapunzel after years of separation.

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