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Property Exchange - the alternative way

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If you have a property to sell. you will know only too well how hard it is to find that elusive buyer. What though, if you could find someone in the same situation, who wants to move where you are, and vice versa? Well, here at International Property Swap we will help you find that match! By advertising your property here you will be seen by potential swappers in the same situation, and they may just want what you have!

Whether you want to move from one country to another, or relocate to a different part of the same country this is your website! Don't let the slow down in the property market slow you down - there are other ways to make the move, and this is it. There is sure to be someone out there who wants what you have and vice versa so why wait - get the ball rolling - register as a member. and list your property for swap today!

Permanent house exchange - how it works

Permanent property exchange is really just saying 'I will buy your property if you buy mine' All the legalities are basically the same as they would be in a conventional sale, and you should incur no additional costs, and can actually make big savings. You don't have to find an

exact match in value to your own home, and it is possible to trade up or down as long as all concerned are in agreement. You can go it alone and make huge savings on agents fees, or if you prefer you can involve your agent, if you want additional support. It is 100% legal, but you will of course need the services of a Lawyer, and if you are moving up, will need to arrange a mortgage, as you would on a conventional property transaction.

Personal Service

Here at International Property Swap we like to offer a personal service, and are available to answer your questions, and give advice where we can. We are aware that Permanent Property Swapping is a new concept, and you will no doubt have questions. We have made it as easy as possible to contact us if you so wish, by e-mail through our contact form .

How the website works

We operate as a club. which means that only members can contact other members using this website. To become a member you must first register, and list your property for swap. Membership costs just £29.99 a year and allows you to advertise your property for swap, and contact other members advertising here.


Do You Have a Property to Swap ?

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