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Leon Cooperman Is Sick Of Hillary Clinton “Crapping” On Him, Fellow Hedge Fund Managers

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“I don’t need anybody crapping all over what I do for a living,” Leon Cooperman, the billionaire founder of the Omega Advisors hedge fund, told CNN on Monday, adding that she “hangs out with all these people in Martha’s Vineyard and in the Hamptons and then the very first thing she has to say is to criticize hedge funds….”

“I have nothing to apologize for. I’ve made a lot of money. I’m giving it all back to society,” he said.

In addition to calling Clinton’s hedge fund criticisms “bogus,” he also takes issue with her email secrecy during her time as Secretary of State and the controversy around foreign donations made to the Clinton Foundation during her tenure in government.

“The only thing that makes me more nauseous is those hedge funds that support her,” he said.

Well, Leon Cooperman

isn’t the only one who’s heard enough bullshit and excuses around these parts. And Elizabeth Warren is sick to death of hearing them from Mary Jo White. and she’s not afraid to say so. even if other people think she should be afraid to say so .

“I am disappointed that you have not been the strong leader that many hoped for—and that you promised to be,” Ms. Warren said in a 13-page letter to Ms. White….

On the pay-ratio rule, Ms. Warren suggested the SEC chairman gave Senate lawmakers inaccurate or misleading predictions for when her agency would finalize the measure, pointing to a July 2013 Senate hearing in which Ms. White testified it would be “completed” in a month or two.

“I cannot understand how and why this rule has been delayed for so long,” Ms. Warren wrote….

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