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What is hedging in basketball

what is hedging in basketball

Hedges are used to form a barrier, which is usually evergreen or

semi-evergreen to keep their density all year round. This barrier may be required for protection or as a visual screen.

Hedging plants for both farm and garden situations are available to suit your site and desires. There are so many opinions about what are the right and wrong species and how far apart they should be planted to get a working hedge. We are happy to share our knowledge of species for the job and usual spacing for a single or double row.


Farm Hedging

Farm hedging tends to be the traditional hedgerow seen all over the countryside and stretching for miles. The species are usually native types and predominantly Hawthorn.


offers plants of your choice, sold as individual species or the option to purchase plants in the form of a hedge pack. In the hedge packs, the species and proportions are pre determined. These packs are sold in multiples of 10 metres and are based on 6 plants/metre. There are two different packs available, Pack A (one year old, single stemmed plants) and Pack B (two year old bushy plants). Enquiries regarding the Durham County Council Hedgerow Restoration Grant

or other local grants, please call the office for assistance.

Garden Hedging

Garden Hedging can have many uses from a low border to a large screen and may be easy to manage or fast growing. Many garden hedges are chosen for their colour at flowering. The choices are

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