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What is hp advisor

what is hp advisor

I have a brand new laptop dv7 pavilion. Installed the latest windows updates (operating system windows 7 home).

HP Advisor is driving me crazy because one of the following happens (or all of it happens):

1. If I click on HP Advisor - click on PC Alerts - the screen comes up and has 0 issues but I can't close the screen. I have to ctrl alt del to get rid of it.

2. If I click on HP Advisor - click on PC dashboard - the screen is grey and there is no activation happening. I can't close the screen.

3. I get recommended alerts - HP Advisor Alerts in a pop up window that I seem to not be able to activate or I can't close the box.

I called tech support - they said to do:

1. system restore - which I did and it did not work;

2. system recovery - which I did (6 times. ) because I got the same result.

The case manager on the file (who is not a tech person) told me to go

to hp website and click on software downloads for my computer/system and update hp support - which I did - and it makes more non-responsive than before. At least before, I was able to get PC dashboard to give me a snapshot of my computer (i.e the status) - no nothing - I get a grey screen. Also, I now have to reboot because the ctrl alt del will not get rid of the PC alert screen.

Also, now I get the HP advisor alert pop up window which I can't either activate or get rid of.

I was at Costco and there was a HP person there who had said after listening to my issues to get a replacement computer because I may have a lemon. So I did - but get the same results.

I'M GOING CRAZY - is there a solution. I can't believe that I have 2 lemons. I believe there is an issue with the software itself but HP or its call centres are not aware of it.

PLEASE HELP - I literally have wasted weeks trying to resolve this issue.

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