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T re nd Wave Extreme Indicator for MetaTrader4

An amazing indicators that helps determine what the long and short term market direction is and allows you

to plan in advance what your next move will be. With this indicator you will only need to spend 1 minute

to determine what and when your next trade will be. Analyse 17 indicators for 10 currencies and 9 timeframes with a click.

What does Trend Wave Extreme Indicator Do

  • Determines high probability trading opportunities
  • Determines the ideal entry point to open the trade
  • Provides alerts when trading opportunities arise
  • Analyses short and long term prospects in seconds
  • Instantly simplifies the markets

How does the Trend Wave Extreme Indicator Work

Determine Trend Wave Extreme Elements

This indicator will display what the signal of 17 strategically used indicator is (Up/Down/Neutral) in order to determine their strength and direction .

  • Trend . The symbol’s long term direction. Your trades should follow the direction.
  • Wave . The symbol

    ‘s short term direction or momentum. To be used as a confirmation for entering trades. If Trend and Wave are opposite direction you should likely wait prior to entering the trade.

  • Exremes . Shows if a symbol is Overbought/Oversold and if the Trend is likely to end. As a general rule you should avoid buying Overbought symbols or selling Oversold symbols as it means you have entered the trade too late. Instead you should aim on buying Oversold symbols or selling Overbought symbols

Identify the Perfect Buy/ Perfect Sell time to enter the Trade

Perfect Buy / Perfect Sell is when the Extreme is opposite the Trend. This means the Trend is about to resume its direction after it finished a correction and hence expect a big move to the direction of the Trend and hence fast profits

Identify the above scenario and get alerts you when these opportunities become available.

(Here are before and after pictures of a Perfect Buy trade as posted here in our blog ).

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