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What is lay betting

what is lay betting

HiPro86 is a software application that you can leave running ‘in the background’ on your computer to generate a modest second income.

The program automatically contacts our server to access information which is used in high probability trading through Betfair, one of the most popular wagering exchange portals on the internet.

We have developed a method of identifying opportunities within the ‘market’ that exists for the placing and laying (offering) of wagers on the dozens of horse races that run almost every day in the United Kingdom. We have called it The Master System and is the “heart” of the software bot HiPro86.

The HiPro86 application is a ‘bot’ - a kind of robot program that does everything automatically. You can

set it up and forget about it - checking occasionally to see how much money you’ve made with the various racing systems the software has “on board”.

Right now there are 3 systems inbuilt into HiPro86. Each of the systems are standalone methodologies. You can use them all or only those you wish to. Take a look through our website to read about the various systems, like FAVOURITE KILL or RANGE MASTER .

If the words ‘bet,’ ‘wager’ and ‘horse-racing’ make you nervous, consider this: the HiPro86 ‘bot’ has a success rate of over eighty-six percent. Our subscribers consistently make a profit - not one of them has experienced a significant loss.

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