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Real Time US Leading Indicator

by e-forecasting

Short-term adjustments, decision-making and policy design rely heavily on measuring and tracking both present conditions and changes in direction of business activity. Indicator agility was the goal in building eLEI. our US Leading Indicator. for the US economy. As a result, eLEI provides a unique real-data and real-time predictive intelligence tool useful to our clients. Five key advantages make eLEI an indispensable tool for short-term predictions:

eLEI is available the first business day of each month providing a reading of the previous

month, just hours after the month’s closing.

It is factual

All data of all components comprising eLEI are real, complete and never revised.

It is modern

eLEI includes two ‘new’ components covering the areas of technology and globalization that undoubtedly have been driving the U.S. business cycle.

It is first

eLEI has a ‘natural’ two to three month leading advantage over the untimely traditional leading indices.

It is reliable

Back-tested it to 1959, eLEI predicts turning points for the US business cycle as good as the traditional leading indicators offered by the Conference Board and OECD

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