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what is leading indicator

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So, I'm an Econ Major, What's in It for Me?

Economics is an unusual major that plays different roles for different people. For those of you in a liberal arts program with no business major it is as close to business as you're going to get. A major in economics will come closest to learning the basics of business. So you can major in economics to prepare you for business. For students in a college with a business major, economics is as far as you can get from business while still staying within business.

In some colleges economics is in the arts and sciences school; in others it is in the business school. Whichever it is in, economics teaches the same material, and serves as a foundation for all business. That ability of economics to be in either school

says a lot about what the econ major is.

The most important skill that businesses want are people who can think and solve problems. Particular occupations may require special skills, but the needed skills change. The need for people who can think and solve problems does not. Economics is probably the major that best trains you to think in a way that's useful for solving problems. That's what's in it for you. It turns you into a thinking machine that businesses highly value. As a sidelight, becoming a thinking machine changes the way you view life and understand problems.

What do Econ Majors Do after Graduation?

Econ majors do all kinds of things after graduation. For example, consider the following individuals. What do you think they have in common?

Mick Jagger (singer)

Sandra Day O'Connor (Supreme Court Justice)

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