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Valve-Lifter Ticking Sound

what is lifter tick
lifters help but often aren't the fix

twistdom wrote:

Currently dealing with the infamous ticking sound caused by the engine valve lifters. Will go and look for the right replacement lifters when I find time. Has anybody experienced the same ticking? Research online said that re-designed lifters are now available with bigger holes. I just hope I can find the right ones here and are not that expensive=(. Some say in some cases oil change would eliminate the ticking..but we just had our oil change and the ticking is still there. Do you have any thoughts on the matter? Our ticking comes when I switch on the ignition right before I start the engine..but then I don't seem to notice it once the engine starts running..Does anybody know if it's harmful to the engine if I keep driving

the IO while not having replaced the lifters yet? Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

lots of mitubishi's are plagued with this issue. Try running a fully synthetic oil next change, should give you 6 month or so without ticking.

I've watched mates chase this around before on the mitsi L4 and V6's, new lifters doesn't always fix it as it usually is caused by oil sludging up the feed galleries and ports (too long between oil and filter changes, high humidity, hard engine life, low quality oil, bad luck) The synthetic oil seems to help, and definitly new lifters are part of the solution but short on a full oil gallery flush next time the pump comes off the block there is no hard and fast cure.

good luck! let us know you go :)

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