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what is linux terminal

Linux Terminal Command Reference

System Info

date – Show the current date and time

cal – Show this month's calendar

uptime – Show current uptime

w – Display who is online

whoami – Who you are logged in as

finger user – Display information about user

du – Show directory space usage

free – Show memory and swap usage

Keyboard Shortcuts

Enter – Run the command

Up Arrow – Show the previous command

Ctrl + R – Allows you to type a part of the command you're looking for and finds it

Ctrl + Z – Stops the current command, resume with fg in the foreground or bg in the background

Ctrl + C – Halts the current command, cancel the current operation and/or start with a fresh new line

Ctrl + L – Clear the screen


| less – Allows the scrolling of the bash command window using Shift + Up Arrow and Shift + Down Arrow

!! – Repeats the last command

command !$ – Repeats the last argument of the previous command

Esc +. (a period) – Insert the last argument of the previous command on the fly, which enables you to edit it before executing the command

Ctrl + A – Return to the start of the command you're typing

Ctrl + E – Go to the end of the command you're typing

Ctrl + U – Cut everything before the cursor to a special clipboard, erases the whole line

Ctrl + K – Cut everything after the cursor to a special clipboard

Ctrl + T – Swap the two characters before the cursor (you can actually use this to transport a character from the left to the right, try it!)

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