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What is loss adjuster

what is loss adjuster

Texas Adjuster License Classes Xactimate 28 Training Scoping A Loss Classes

Get Prepared Now for The 2015 Storm Season!

Are You Ready To Work This Upcoming Storm Season? - Jump Start Your Career as a Successful Adjuster NOW!

Welcome to Adjusters ! Join us in celebrating our 19th anniversary! We are professional catastrophic adjusters providing comprehensive and affordable training in a small class room environment, on-line CEU classes . and our on-line portal to renew your licenses and other services. We specializing in Texas Adjuster Licensing classes, Practical Scoping a Property for Damages Loss, and Xactimate ® and Sketch training. See what our previous students say about our training classes !

Our proven "Easy 1-2-3 Step" training is a common-sense approach which stair-steps you from obtaining your Texas adjuster

licenses, learning the practical steps of investing a property loss, and using Xactimate 28 and its advanced features to build professional estimates. Whether you are a new adjuster just starting out, or a long-term professional with many years of experience, our training is specifically designed to take you to the next level in building claims with Xactimate ® & SKETCH.

  • Do you need to LEARN Xactimate ® 28 and SKETCH to create claims?
  • Do you want to earn MORE MONEY as a CAT Adjuster?
  • Are you a New Insurance Adjuster just getting started and NEED EXPERIENCE?
  • Are you looking to get past the initial LEARNING CURVE before a storm hits?
  • Are you looking for AFFORDABLE & QUALITY training for Xactimate ® and SKETCH?

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