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She is an Ordinary Indian Woman But What She Does for a Living Will Shock You

By Nashmina Lakhani, Team iDiva posted Feb 16th 2015 at 6:54PM

What would you think about a job where you are asked to get naked and sit still for several hours? Before you let your mind run ahead of you with all kinds of assumptions, you should know that Krishna aunty, the subject of this video, is just an ordinary woman, brought up in the same society as you and me. An ordinary woman with 2 children, who shares her tale of what she does for a living. Krishna Devi works as a muse for art students where she sits naked in front of them. She is not a woman with the perfect figure, but it's her confidence towards her body, that is commendable.

Krishna came into this profession due to familial difficulties and unfortunate circumstances. When she first began to work as a muse, she was uncomfortable. Gradually, as she began to see that

the art students respected her for her work, she also began to lose her inhibitions. Today she feels proud of her profession. She isn't ashamed of what she does. In fact, she is proud of her body and loves the fact that the students respect her for what she is and don't make her feel ashamed of her naked body.

We like stereotypes in India. We also like to categorise and judge others by their profession, religion, race and gender. And we too remain restricted all our lives by this narrow minded categorisation. Where would you tag Krishna ji? Today, we are proud that an ordinary woman like her shows extra-ordinary courage and takes pride in what she does. It may be fear and desperation that brought Krishna into this job, but it is her courage and belief in herself that brings dignity to her profession.

Check out the life-story of Krishna Devi in the video below.

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