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What is ph balance in the body

Our mission is optimal health and wellness, pH balance, one household at a time.

Whether you want to enjoy a good night's sleep, have high pH water, ionized water, purified water for your whole house or just want the best faucet filter and shower filter, you can find it here. If you love raw food preparation, blending and juicing or raw food dehydration or preparation, or if you just want a fabulous blender for your bar or kitchen needs, you will find it here.

YourNatureStore also offers some of the most remarkable diet, wellness, fitness, beauty products, general home equipment and home appliances, along with an array of children's organic liquid supplements and bio available remedies for all your natural and organic needs!

You will find all the pH answers at our sister site, . where you can access pH contest winning recipes, articles, and general information on Acid vs. Alkaline, and most importantly, the “how to” of exchanging your body water and cleaning up your internal terrain, ie. achieving the best performance!

A great deal of pH information by Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young is available through their books, The pH Miracle, Sick & Tired, The pH Miracle and Weight Loss, The pH Miracle and Diabetes along with Back To The House of Health 1 & 2 Recipe Books.

Our Astraya Stevia concentrate is an 80% raubidauside stevia and we have literally found no aftertaste – please try this stevia, you will not be disappointed! Same goes for Rooibos Tea . I use it as a hearty tea, adding stevia and soy creamer for a British tea taste. Our Avacado oils have a high heat temperature, all the essential oils that are great for the body and unbeatable taste. And now we offer our all new Organic Bulk Foods selection and we’ve added quantity purchasing to many of our products.

We offer countertop water filters requiring no electricity that clean from .5 micron to .1 micron, respectively. Shower filters were a challenge, but ours does the cleaning and doesn’t cut the water pressure as most do. The new Jupiter Science Regency Elite(formerly known as Regenisis) countertop unit will increase the pH of your water while it ionizes (explodes the water molecules 5 times smaller), improves your ORP, and purifies your water. For alkalized, ionized and pure water, Jupiter Science Regency Elite is our first choice, it has the same tech specifications as Jupiter Melody but with direct sales is offered at a much better price. Austin Air is our all time favorite to clean the air, with it’s hepa filter and two sizes to choose from, it’s always been first on our list. You can also ionize the air, what we do, there is a desktop ionize r and whole house ionizer and we are very pleased with both.

Vita-Mix Food Processor speaks for itself in both Vita-Mix 4500 and Vita-Mix 5000! Personal Blender is a great way to make green drinks each

day. Toddy Coffee Makers reduce the acid over 60% as opposed to conventional coffee makers and the Excalibur Food Dehydrator in all sizes is top of the line. We have made baby food, trail mix, dehydrated crackers, vegetables, fruits, etc. it cannot be beat.

World Health has amazing target products in the form of ionic and angstrom mineral formulas, including Molecula Silver which is a gaseous silver, smallest ppm. Cili Minerals offers individual ionic, colloidal and angstrom minerals, Water Oz offers ionic and angstrom individual minerals, formulas and other alkalizing supplements. Hamida Pharma still leads the pack with target products like Goutrol, Arthritol, Fibromya, and more . ChildLife for the health of our children, offers all natural liquid vitamins and omega oils. Nordic Naturals are our first choice in Omega 3,6, 9 liquid.

If you have trouble sleeping or suffer from painful chronic dis-ease, our long time friend, the Cuddle Ewe may be just the item to help you sleep restfully. From the time it was on Dr. Laura until today, it is remains one of our best selling items.

One of our favorites is the soft bouncing Needak Rebounder because rebounding excercises all of your cells – we do it in the office a few times every day! Easy, simple, fast and complete – it’s a great way to get in your exercise time.

With all the electromagnetic frequencies in the environment today, we believe everyone should investigate Q-Link . We’ve found it most helpful when using cell phones and spending time working in front of the computer.

There is more, but know we are focused on a balanced lifestyle, want to share as much information as possible about alkalizing and energizing and direct you to our sister site, for your complete pH Balance education!

We are very big on pure water as the foundation to your wellness. Pure water is the basis of all supplementation for optimal absorption. As a whole house water solution we recommend whole house water purification. health purification to a neutral pH from every faucet. We have lots of water information for you to review. You can see on our waterfacts that we also have apartment and budget solutions so you are drinking, cooking, and bathing in pure water.

It's a major decision and an essential one, we are all responsible for the water in our homes. You will see bathing and showering is 6 times more harmful if there is chlorine because chlorine becomes gaseous and is absorbed into lungs and through skin at much greater rates. Bottled water is environmentally unfriendly for the most part and is not regulated by the EPA so it is buyer beware.


Pure water is your foundation! Nutrition builds your house of health!

Pure water is the foundation! Nutrition builds your house of health!

Supplmentation simply makes up the difference between what your body requires and what you are able to receive from your diet!

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