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What is pips in forex

Rita Lasker. Green Forex Group’s CEO:

I think a whole lot about you, about those traders, who’ve come to Forex either just to fool around or those who trade on Forex, while trying to change their lives by providing for their families or to realize their dream.

Today I feel very proud to present you our exceptional and very unique product – Forex1000 pips Robot.

I do hope that it will become your #1 favorite FX Robot – the one that will be extremely STABLE, while making you SUBSTANTIAL sums of money for a long, long time.

Before you start reading:

For the longest time we’ve been asked to come up with a product that makes SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNTS OF MONEY with MAXIMUM STABILITY. while maintaining an EXCEPTIONAL safety record.

Indeed, there is a large number of Robots out there, as well as indicators and other similar software. However, finding a sensible compromise between making money and risking money has always been extremely difficult.

We’ve spent a few months designing a product that would meet these simple, yet stringent requirements. The product for all traders, without exception. Because NOBODY in their right mind would turn down making a 1000 pips per month without ever touching the computer. All the while being ASSURED of the safety of the deposit. And so, you are looking at our latest development.

Green Forex Group presents: our pride and joy: our FOREX 1000 pips Robot.

The Robot in brief:

Follow the trend -- it will turn profit. Close according to Fibonacci – it will multiply your profit.

Open according to a Trend. Close according to Fibonacci. That’s a100% classic professional trading.

Newest incredible Robot in a 100%-automatic mode opens orders exactly according to a trend and closes spot-on according to Fibonacci Retracement.

Use professional algorithms. Without limitations and compromises. Make 1000 pips of profit each and every month using FOREX 1000 PIPS.

The newest Robot that possesses absolutely fantastic working capacity. It never sleeps, never gets tired and never needs any rest. It is fabulously trained and exceptionally well-disciplined.

It very aggressively draws money from the market and very neatly piles it up along with your deposit. FOREX1000pips – trading with precisely defined goal.

The main “IDEA” behind the Robot

My team has been working long and hard, so that you could get your hands on some of the best instruments out there – all, so that the joy of attaining your ultimate goal would always accompany

you, and so that you’d never experience the bitterness and downfalls of monetary losses.

I’ve been receiving tons of mail from you, guys. Last year I received multiple requests to design a highly reliable Robot – the one that could open orders precisely according to a trend, while making about 1000 pips each month. Also, we’ve noticed an increased interest in strategies based on Fibonacci Retracement.

As a result of a three-month long race to come up with such a product, we’ve managed to realize that goal by putting out a product, that has ALREADY become super-popular. All our co-workers use it with great pleasure and, what’s most important - utilize the Forex1000pips for their own forex-trading.

OK, so what is “Forex1000 pips Robot”?

Forex1000pips Robot is a fully automated moneymaking system. Just like any other Robot, Forex1000pips opens and closes orders in an automatic mode. So, all Robots do just that.

However, most importantly is HOW it does it.

Forex1000pips locates a precise moment for opening an order. Under the relatively normal (stable) market conditions its precision reaches around 89%.

If there weren’t any economic news – something no system is immune to -- its precision would be somewhere around 99%.

Closing of the orders is accomplished according to Fibonacci Retracement. The Fibonacci theory has been used quite successfully by many experienced traders. Forex1000pips algorithm, Fibonacci Retracement has proved to be highly reliable, particularly assisting in closing orders.

So, who is this product for?

Ideally, Forex1000pips is custom-made for traders, who prefer to trade from time to time. It’s for those,

who don’t “submerge” themselves fully in the business of trading. It’s perfect for those, for whom it’s not so important to get exceptionally high, but episodic earnings, but for whom it’s highly desirable to have a STABLE income that would systematically take place on a continuous basis.

Forex1000pips is ideally suited for professional traders, who like to experiment and who do it a whole lot. For them Forex1000pips is indispensable, serving as a safety net. In case of bad results, following unsuccessful experimentation, Forex1000pips will permit them to recoup their deposit in a short time.

Forex 1000pips is equally suited for novices. Its installation and tuning won’t take more than 2 minutes and afterwards one can simply forget about it. It will methodically, in full “auto-pilot” mode earn this novice some handsome profit, while he/she can study all of the intricacies of Forex and apply the acquired knowledge afterwards.

And just how much can you make?

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