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What is positioning statement

what is positioning statement

Your Personal Positioning Statement

I’d like to introduce you to a concept I call a Personal Positioning Statement (PPS). To find out what it is, how you can create one and how it will help you get your ideal job – read on and all will be revealed.

PPS – What it is

In marketing terms, a positioning statement for a product or a brand is a concise articulation of the essential qualities of the product/brand and the target market for which it is designed. A personal positioning statement is an extension of this concept but applied to you and your job search.

What this means is that for you to be successful in finding your ideal job, you need to have a clear understanding of the skills and experiences that make you stand out from the crowd (your “qualities”), as well as an understanding of how you could put those skills to best use in the job/organisation of your dreams (the “target market”).

PPS – How to create it

The first step is to create a great CV. A great CV (in my humble opinion) is a 2-page document that clearly lays out your skills, experiences (including as many specific measurements of achievement as possible), personal qualities, education and personal passions (get in touch if you'd like to know more….).

Once you've got a great CV, you then need to add that something extra to highlight to an employer or recruiter why you're interested in a particular role…yes you've guessed it, it's your PPS! By the way, please don't confuse a PPS with the usual paragraph of freeform text at the top of a CV that lots of people include which contains unsubstantiated claims that they are a great person, brilliant communicator etc etc.

Your PPS should be brief and should contain the following information (which will then

be expanded on in the rest of the CV):

1. An overview of your skills & experiences and what you're looking for - eg "I am a qualified Chartered Accountant looking for a role as a Finance Director in a high growth SME."

2. A description of your specific skills & experiences - eg "My specific experience includes Financial & Management accounting, Company Secretarial duties, Treasury, IT Management & Implementation and Facilities Management."

3. Additional specific information - eg "I have spent the past three years in a variety of Financial and IT roles in a high growth business in which I have managed and motivated teams of up to sixteen people to a high level of achievement. I also have the ability and desire to contribute and influence at board level and the capacity to participate in the leadership and strategic development of an organisation."

PPS - how it will help you get your ideal job

In creating a PPS you will have also created a great CV, which will make you come across as professional and dedicated in your job search.

You will also have a great understanding of the skills you have to offer a new employer - which will make your interview go successfully because the interviewer won't have to try to guess if you can do the role.

And finally, you can't create a PPS unless you know exactly what job you're looking for, which means you will only be going for jobs you can and want to do!

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