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The Guy Carpenter Analytics group helps you anticipate and respond to catastrophic events in real time.

Modeling your portfolio. With an unbiased and longstanding history of using catastrophe models to help our customers make strategic decisions about retaining, mitigating, and transferring risk, we evaluate data and the models, explain divergent model answers, and offer alternative approaches to ensure our customers are the best informed.

GC RealCat* leverages real-time weather and earthquake event tracking to anticipate how an event may affect an insurer's portfolio and help efficiently manage cat response deployment. *patent #7,949,548

CAT-i & RISK-i Reports consolidate the best available information on natural and man-made events likely to result in significant losses. They summarize the situation, map the impact, provide damage estimates and track the flow of claims.

Guy Carpenter Specialty Practices

Guy Carpenter’s Agriculture Specialty practice develops comprehensive reinsurance solutions for agriculture risks worldwide, helping clients quantify exposures and manage portfolios for profitability.

The practice includes coverage for growing crops, forestry and plantations, livestock and animal mortality, aquaculture

and related enterprises. The susceptibility of crops to weather-related perils calls for sophisticated modeling solutions to quantify the risk from these perils. In addition to quantifying weather risks from a reinsurance perspective for clients, Guy Carpenter also assists clients with underwriting and pricing tools that help maximize the profitability of their primary portfolios. Where models are insufficient, or lacking altogether, we have developed our own, including a proprietary fund allocation model and an intra-season predictive model for the U.S.

The Agriculture specialty is also actively involved in collaborating with academic institutions to develop innovative and efficient risk transfer tools for the farming community worldwide.

Guy Carpenter’s tool suite enables us to estimate losses for agriculture books of business, and model risks in creative ways, which in turn enables the development of better reinsurance solutions for our clients.

To learn how we can help you improve the performance of your agriculture portfolio, please contact:

  • Ralph Bone

Global Specialty Leader

P: +1.952.920.3300

U.S. Specialty Co-Leader

Category: Forex

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