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How does scottrade handle dividends

how does scottrade handle dividends

Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I have used Scottrade for 3 years, 2 times. The first, I should of learned my lesson. Some of the branch reps, are highly rude, talk down, when they in fact make errors and due to technical issues, I lost thousands on the Elite platform. I placed a buy pre-market and has been done plenty of times. After 930 am Eastern time to 945am, I could not switch from extended to regular to sell my shares while all else worked fine. I called the branch and was told, "Well what do you want from me?" Unreal! I told him what happened and he offered one free trade which when after I decided to leave later and said I may come back later, it was removed from my account. Then when I went down to do an in-person wire transfer, another rep messed up in detail after reviewing all information and got double-charged $50! That is just a small part of what service I received.

Is Scottrade a fraud? Is Scottrade a Scam? Is Scottrade brokerage firm safe to use for an investment purposes? The answer could be Yes, if you will not read Top 89 Complaints and Reviews about Scottrade. My name is ** and I am a victim of fraud in the case of

online identity theft and stealing by Scottrade Firm. A false account under my name was created in the online trading website by Scottrade. I was enrolled in a service by branch manager in Staten Island NY **, that automatically takes out $10.00 per month from my trading account and I am never actually use it and never activated. So I was lucky and only have been robbed of $30.00 due to this crime. I discovered soon and contact the same Staten Island branch manager ** and his assistant. My experiences have left me truly wondering if Scottrade shouldn't be investigated by the SEC.

But the Scottrade could be best-known and respected brokerage houses in the United States if everybody will look on the person who working at the Scottrade National Service Center Client Relation **. He is the only person who took care of me immediately and showed me the assistance I deserved. He is the best in the industry and all subsequent employees should take notice and follow his footsteps. Scottrade will be looking much better by eliminate those branches on Hylan Blvd. in Staten Island with their scam workers and the only have people left working like **. Thank you for your cooperation ** and shame on you everybody else. You saved Scottrade from complaint number 90.

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