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Static vs Dynamic Balance – Why Dynamic Balance Is Life’s Equalizer

what is static balance

I f you have ever questioned the need for dynamic over static balance in every mental and physical state, then the following article will make the case. Although the author is unknown, this information is too valuable to sit buried in cyberspace.

Static vs Dynamic Balance - Author: Unknown

W hen most people think of “balance,” they think of it as a fixed state, where good and bad, hot and cold, yin and yang, male and female. A state where the opposite extremes are precisely arranged so that they perfectly reflect each other.

N o more of that silly shifting back and forth - just calm, peaceful, still perfect balance.

T his is what I would call "Static Balance". "Static" as a technical term means "Having no motion; being at

rest; quiescent." or "Pertaining to bodies at rest or in equilibrium."

The problem with this is that Static Balance is, well …Dead.

A battery is an example of an out-of-balance system: it has too much negative energy (electrons) at one pole. Once the electrons have been redistributed, there is no longer a surplus of them, and the battery is now "in balance". In other words, the battery is now …Dead.

I f you project the concept of Static Balance out as far as it can go, you end up with a Universe with a temperature of Absolute Zero where not even atoms move, where there is no life, no energy. Nothing but absolutely cold motionless void, perhaps with bits of lifeless matter here and there that will never do anything.

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