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What is stochastic oscillator

what is stochastic oscillator

Stochastic Oscillator

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Step stochastic indicator is on this post. This is the only correct (non-repainting, non-deformed) version of step stochastic that exist in any platform.

Divergence using Stochastic . some general information about it was collected on this thread indicator.html and some of them are on this post .

painting the past . Stochastic is not paiting the past. But we need in some systems for this indicator to be painted the past. Read some exotic explanation/request system-58.html

how to understand the price movement using 3 Stochastic indicators .

- template attached (M5 timeframe).

It was taken from asctrend M5 informational template from elite section here .

- some other informational templates about price movement understanding are here .

Multi Timeframe Stochastic :

- MTF stochastic momentum indicator is here ;

- Stochastic_Standard_4TF_cja updated indicator: this post .

Stochastic with alert is #MTF_Stochastic1.1 with alert is here ; #MTF Stochastic with alert is here ; stochastic with alert EA is here. stochastic with alert thread .

- Many Stochastic indicators in one page collected . is here .

StochHistogram indicator is here .

- StochHistogram indicators with alert (2 indicators) are on this page .

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