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What is the meaning of tick

what is the meaning of tick

How does the dispatcher timer perform its work in the tick event if another event happens in between? What is wrong with this code?

I've spent the last few days looking at the DispatcherTimer and I still can't wrap my head around some stuff. Here's what I understand so far,

  1. the tick event will not occur twice at the same time link
  2. there is no need to worry about the owner thread(s) of the objects since the dispatcher timer automatically performs all the work in the UI thread
  3. the timing of the ticks may not be very accurate since the ticks are essentially executed from a queue

Now what I'm not clear about is the order of the code being executed if there is another event which runs in between a tick event. I've a test WPF application which uses a DispatcherTimer whose tick event performs 2 functions. firstStep() and secondStep() in sequence.

The firstStep() sets a variable to null while secondStep() sets it to a value that is not null. After setting the value, secondStep() will begin a storyboard which has a Completed event, which attempts to access this variable.

So my question is, is it

possible for the Completed event to come in between the firstStep() and secondStep() function if we keep the timer running? I've written a test application and it seems to be that case, eventually we will reach a state where the variable is null when the Completed event gets executed. But I don't understand how that can happen, since firstStep() and secondStep() get executed in sequence, there should be no way the Completed event can be executed between the 2 functions (or I am wrong here). Does the UI thread execute the tick and the Completed event in parallel?

Can someone explain to me in detail how the UI thread executes events such as the example's storyboard completed event and dispatcherTimer's ticks in sequence? Thanks for reading, your comments are very much appreciated I'm trying very hard to get my head around this. The following is the test code I used, it will eventually throw an error after running for a while.


WpfApplication1.exe!WpfApplication1.Window1.storyBoardTest_Completed(object sender = , System.EventArgs e = null) Line 63 C# PresentationCore.dll!System.Windows.Media.Animation.Clock.FireEvent(System.Windows.EventPrivateKey key) + 0x5b bytes

PresentationCore.dll!System.Windows.Media.Animation.Clock.RaiseAccumulatedEvents() + 0x160 bytes

PresentationCore.dll!System.Windows.Media.Animation.TimeManager.RaiseEnqueuedEvents() + 0x60 bytes

PresentationCore.dll!System.Windows.Media.Animation.TimeManager.Tick() + 0x28a bytes

PresentationCore.dll!System.Windows.Media.MediaContext.RenderMessageHandlerCore(object resizedCompositionTarget) + 0xbc bytes

PresentationCore.dll!System.Windows.Media.MediaContext.AnimatedRenderMessageHandler(object resizedCompositionTarget) + 0x9d bytes

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