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Vicarage Road

what is the watford gap

Capacity: 20,877 (all seated)

Address: Vicarage Road, Watford, WD18 0ER

Telephone: 01923 496 000

Ticket Office: 01923 223 023

Pitch Size: 115 x 75 yards


The ground has seen some new investment recently, with the construction of a new stand on the Eastern side of the stadium. The Sir Elton John Stand as it has been named, opened in December 2014. This covered single tiered stand, which is set well back from the edge of the pitch, has a capacity of 3,100 seats. Unusually this new stand is raised above pitch level, meaning that spectators have to climb a small staircase at the front of it, to access the seating area. The team dug outs are also situated at the front. Although it is a fairly simple looking stand, its building has greatly improved the overall look of the stadium. In a further tribute to Sir Elton John, some lyrics from one of many hits; 'Your Song' are embossed in large letters across the back supporting wall.

Opposite to the new Sir Elton John Stand, is the Rous Stand, which was recently renamed the Graham Taylor Stand, after their former manager. This stand and was opened in 1986. It is a two-tiered stand that has an interesting roof design, with a number of semi-circular arches. Light is also able to penetrate through the roof aiding pitch growth. It also has a row of executive boxes running across the back.

The ground has had both ends re-developed during the 1990's along with the front of the Graham Taylor Stand. Both ends are

similar looking large single tiered stands, with some strange looking floodlights perched on the roofs. Away fans are housed in one of these ends in the Vicarage Road Stand. Whilst opposite the Rookery Stand is larger, housing some 6,950 supporters. With construction of a large office block immediately behind the stadium, beyond the corner between the Rookery Stand and the Graham Taylor Stand, the Club embarked on internally 'filling in' this corner. However due to financial difficulties, the work has never completed leaving a somewhat ugly half finished shell.

The teams come out to the old theme tune of the old Police series Z-Cars, as Watford fan Robert Hill explains; 'this started in the 1963-64 season when Z Cars was at it’s height on television. It was a favourite programme of the then Manager Bill McGarry and he asked that it be played at Vicarage Road. That season turned out to be a successful one of the Hornets and it has been continued to be played at the ground'.

Keith Bruley informs me; 'The new Sir Elton John Stand The new stand has only been built down to about six feet above pitch level, due to the fact that the pitch slopes down about four feet from the North (Vicarage Road) End to the South End. If the Club ever get around to levelling the pitch then the stand will be finished down to pitch level. I also believe that the design of the stand also allows for it to be extended if necessary later by having a second tier added to it. This would bring the capacity up to around 25,000.'

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