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What is transaction

what is transaction

Recovering a lost transaction ID

After a successful purchase, customers receive an email from Mojang with their transaction ID. Please be sure that your transaction ID was not sent to your email's junk folder. If you do not have that email, you can still recover the ID.

If you paid by Paypal, you can log into your Paypal account and view the ID in your transaction history. Alternatively, you can visit and click "Contact" to request the ID.

If you paid by credit card and your payment was processed through Braintree (which handled Visa, Mastercard and American Express starting December 2013 ), you'll need to contact Mojang support. providing the name of the cardholder, the date of purchase, expiration date, card type, and last four digits of the card used for the purchase.

If you paid by credit card or Paysafe card, and your payment was processed by Skrill/Moneybookers (all payments between 2011 and December 2013, and certain types of credit card transactions after that ), you can email to get in touch with a Skrill representative. When contacting them, use the email from your purchase, include Minecraft in your subject line, and ask for the Merchant Transaction ID.

Skrill can also be reached by telephone at:

English US: 1 855 719 2087

Spanish US: 1 855 719 2087

English: 44 203 308 2520

German: 49 302 2403 0293

Spanish: 34 935 452 390

Italian: 39 064 523 6612

Polish: 48 221 288 257

Czech: 44 203 308 2520

Russian: 7 495 249 5439

Romanian: 44 203 308 2520

Turkish: 44 203 308 2520

Greek: 44 203 308 2520

Chinese: 44 203 308 2520

Types of identifying numbers

Mojang Order UUID - example: 123a456789012b3c4d5e678901f23gh4

This ID is generated when you makes a purchase in the Mojang account system, and is the easiest way for us to track your payment. If you use send us this code, please copy and paste it, as it's very easy to have a typo.

Braintree transaction ID - example: 1a2bcd

This ID is generated for certain Minecraft purchases after December, 2013, or any time you purchase Scrolls or the Shards currency within Scrolls. It is a set

of six or seven numbers and letters.

Paypal transaction ID - example: 1AB23456C7890123D

This transaction ID is generated when you pay with a Paypal account, or make a credit/debit transaction through Paypal as a guest. It is a seventeen character alphanumeric code. If your purchase had to be automatically converted to another type of currency, there may be multiple transaction IDs, so please be sure that you provide the ID from the purchase itself.

Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) transaction ID - example: 9876543210

A Skrill transaction ID is generated when you make a credit/debit card transaction using the respective service. It is a sequence of nine or ten numbers.

Paypal receipt number - example: 1234-5678-9012-3456

While most Paypal users receive a transaction ID, in certain circumstances a customer may have a receipt number, which is four sets of numbers.

Mojang gift code - example: a1b2-c3d4-e5f6 or B2C3-D4F6-G7H8

Mojang gift codes can be identified by their three sets of alternating letters and numbers. If you need to prove account ownership, and you used a gift code that you no longer have access to, you can ask the person who gave you the code to log into or (depending on where the code was purchased) to retrieve this for you.

Prepaid PIN - example: 123 456 7890

This ten digit number comes from prepaid Minecraft cards. available in select retail stores.

Google Order number - example: 12345678901234567890.1234567890123456

Generated upon the purchase of Minecraft: Pocket Edition or Scrolls in Google Play Store. To verify a Google Play purchase, we require this order number and your Google Play account email address.

DIBS ID - example: 123456789

This is a transaction ID generated by the original Minecraft payment system, and was used for certain transactions until midway through 2011. Like a Moneybookers ID, it is also nine digits. To retrieve this ID, you will need to have saved your original purchase email. If you do not have this, you can contact customer support for alternate account verification methods.

As a transaction ID is considered proof of account ownership, we do not recommend purchasing a used account from another player. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support if you made your purchase through a non-Mojang website or another player.

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