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What is transaction file

what is transaction file

Up to the last 39 months of settled and voided transaction data

The ARC Transaction History File offers ARC-participating travel agencies and Corporate Travel Departments (CTDs) the opportunity to archive any of the past 39 months' settled and voided transaction information - down to coupon level detail.

Agencies and CTDs may receive data segmented by week, month, quarter, or year based on PED. Additionally, you may select a subscription option that will provide access to the most recently settled data (weekly, monthly, quarterly) on an on-going basis.

As a leader in data privacy issues, ARC removes all transaction information from its systems after 39 months. This Transaction History File gives you the opportunity to order detailed transaction information before it is deleted.

Pricing and Ordering: Pricing begins at $250. You must be an active ARC participant to order this product.

  • Up to 39 months of settled and voided transaction data, you select the date range(s)
  • Includes any transactions occurring during selected date range(s)for all locations associated with the Home Office Location
  • Data delivered on CD in a .txt file format compatible with a variety of commonly used software packages, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, allowing you to view, sort, and create


  • Included on each CD is the ARC Transaction Viewer™. This viewer allows you to view and print transaction level details in an ATB format similar to the one in ARC Document Retrieval Service.
  • Subscription option allows on-going retention of most recently settled data

Included Fields

Each data set includes the following transaction detail information.

  • ARC Agency Code Number
  • Document Number
  • 3-digit Carrier Code
  • Type of Document (MCO, Refund/Exchange, Tour Order, Voucher etc)
  • Passenger Name
  • Passenger Name Record Code (PNR)
  • Date of Issue
  • Endorsement Restrictions
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Stop Over Indicator
  • Fare Class
  • Fare Basis
  • Flight Number
  • Void Date
  • Document Amount
  • Fare
  • Penalty Amount
  • Total Taxes (complete tax detail available for additional charge)
  • Commissions
  • Net Remittance
  • Fare Calculation
  • Process Period Ending Date (PED)
  • Report PED
  • E-Ticket Indicator
  • Void Indicator
  • Old Document Number
  • Form of Payment
  • Credit Card Number (last four digits only)
  • Tour Code
  • Domestic/International fare indicator

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