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What is the accounting treatment of unrealized gain / loss on trading securities ?

Mohamed Azzam

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    Nola Co. has a portfolio of marketable equity securities that it does not intend to sell in the near term. How should Nola classify these securities,

Answers (1) XYZ. Inc. began operations on January 1. The following information pertains to XYZ’s December 31 securities:

Answers (1) Securities held primarily for sale in the near term to generate income on short-term price differences are known as:

Answers (1) On December 31, Ott Co. had investments in trading securities as follows:

Answers (3) What is the accounting treatment of interest free loan from directors under accounting standards?

Answers (12)

Unrealized foreign currency gains and losses included in the other comprehensive income section of a consolidated balance sheet represent?

Answers (3) What is accounting treatment for gift cards?

Answers (5) While doing a promotion activity of giving more than 1 pack at discounted price example 2 for 20, where 1 is for 15. What is accounting treatment?

Answers (2) What is the proper accounting treatment for Stock dividend obtained from a non quoted Privet limited company?

Answers (1) When the fair value of an investment in debt securities exceeds its amortized cost, how should each of the following debt securities be

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