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What Makes Toons Tick

what makes people tick

What Makes Toons Tick is the 4th episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 82nd episode overall.



Calamity Coyote has invented a time machine so that he and Buster Bunny can teach the viewers why certain toons are who they are today. First, they travel back to Dizzy Devil's first romantic encounter.

In the second act, Buster and Calamity travel back to Plucky 's childhood. Buster tells the viewers that even as a duckling, Plucky has always been obsessed with power and insisted the world revolve around him.

In the third act, Buster and Calamity travel back to last thursday, as Hamton and Li'l Sneezer encounter the age-old childhood fear; the closet monster.

Episode Segments

Whirlwind Romance

Dizzy is feeling sad and lonely, as everyone in Acme Acres has a sweetheart but him. Buster has Babs. Elmyra has Monty. and even Gogo has a blender. Outraged, Dizzy begins to eat the forest.

Not far away, an anthropomorphic tornado begins to form. She picks some clothes off a clothesline, and is headed towards Acme Acres. Dizzy Devil has reached the end of Acme Acres, but eating hasn't helped, as he is still lonely. Dizzy sees the tornado and thinks she is a female tasmanian devil. He chases the tornado, and tells her he wants to be her friend. The tornado grabs Dizzy and spins him into a cave. She then leaves, leaving her clothes behind. Dizzy finds the clothes she left and sadly makes his way back to Acme Acres. He cries and Mitzi notices him. She and her friends, Taffy and Jessie. all think Dizzy is cute. Even though Dizzy still feels a little heartbroken, he says to himself that he'll get over it as soon as the girls continue giving him attention.

Going Up

Baby Plucky and his mother have just finished their shopping at the Acme Mall. and have a few minutes before they have to go home. Baby Plucky wants to ride the elevator, and push the buttons. His mother takes him inside the elevator, and tries to push the button for the 8th floor, but Baby Plucky wants to push the button by himself. He is fascinated by the elevator going up, and wants to push the button again. His mother lets him push the button on the elevator one last time, and he takes them back to the first floor.

It's time to go home, but Baby Plucky doesn't want to leave, as he has had so much fun riding the elevator. His mother tells him, "Next time.", and Baby Plucky throws a

tantrum. As his mother drags him home, he notices Baby Babs and puts her in his place. He immediately rushes back to the elevator, and insists he push the buttons, angering the other customers. He keeps the elevator to himself, and continues to push the buttons.

Meanwhile, Baby Plucky's mother has just realized she brought the wrong baby to her car, as she put Baby Babs in the car seat. Baby Plucky is still in the elevator, and has pushed the button to the Sub-Basement. In the Sub-basement, Mr. Hitcher has tied up the security guards and robbed a safe. He enters the elevator to make his escape, but his plans are foiled by Baby Plucky, who has control over the buttons. Baby Plucky sends the elevator and Mr. Hitcher up and down as he continuously hits the buttons. This stalls Mr. Hitcher as the guards make their escape so they can arrest him. Baby Plucky's mother is relieved to see her son still in the elevator, and as they leave, Baby Plucky pushes the Basement button, sending Mr. Hitcher down to the basement. He says, "Elelator go down the hole", and giggles.

Nothing to Sneeze At

Oogie has lost his job as a closet monster, as Hamton no longer believes in them. He returns to the unemployment line, where a lot of monsters have lost their jobs, so they sympathize with him. As he goes to the monster room, The Receptionist tells the monsters that a closet monster job has just opened. The monsters are excited for the new job opening, until they find out the victim is Li'l Sneezer. All the monsters are afraid of him and run off. Oogie takes the job, as he has never met Sneezer before.

Later that night, Oogie sneaks into Sneezer's bedroom and tries to scare him, but Sneezer is delighted by him, and not scared. Sneezer decides to make scary sounds as well, much to Oogie's disapproval. Sneezer sneezes and sends Oogie flying backwards, as he is allergic to nightmares.

When Oogie tries to scare Sneezer again, he poses as a cat. Sneezer sneezes again, as he is allergic to cats as well. Sneezer's sneezes cause Oogie to lose his fur, leaving him bald and in his underwear. Oogie quits and heads back home.

Back home, Oogie goes to bed and thinks about a new job. He thinks about going to night school to learn to be a tooth fairy, an easter bunny, or any kind of imaginary creature that doesn't take so much abuse. As he goes to sleep, his closet monster is Sneezer, who wants to play with him.

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