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what size maternity clothes should i buy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I start buying maternity clothes?

A: We say, the sooner you buy them, the longer you have to use them! All clothes are temporary. If you are someone who follows trends then you know your clothes are really only with you for about a year anyway. If this is not you and you worry about budget, think of it this way: Buying a bigger size in regular clothing will only be a band aid. In other words, you will shortly outgrow it and you have wasted that money. The clothing at is meant to grow with you and will last throughout your term. So, whether you love to keep up with trends or you are cost conscious, just remember that if you look good, you'll feel better, and when you feel good, the baby feels good. When you buy maternity clothing. pick pieces that you know fit your lifestyle, embrace it, and have fun! You should begin shopping for maternity clothes whenever your normal clothes begin to feel uncomfortable. Usually this happens around the third month of pregnancy, though it may happen earlier, especially if this is your second, third, or fourth pregnancy. Many women try to ignore the discomfort of clothing that does not fit and then put-off buying maternity clothes. However, you feel and look more comfortable and more attractive, when you are in the right clothing. (true for all situations!). It makes sense to buy your maternity clothing when you first begin to feel uncomfortable therefore getting as much use out of them as you


Q: What size should I order in maternity clothes?

A: You should be your pre pregnancy size. With that said, all bodies are unique in the way they change during pregnancy and every designer is different. The maternity clothing found at is made to fit the pregnant body and the sizing is relative to your frame. All the designers we carry make their clothing to fit your frame and then accommodate your belly. Some maternity dresses will allow more room in the chest and in the bottom and thighs to accommodate your growing body. This is why you should wear the same size in maternity as you wore before you were pregnant. However, if you find that you need to go up from your size, that is normal, especially towards the end of your pregnancy. As a general rule, maternity sizing is from xs through xl. XS is about a 0-2 S is about a 2-4 M is a 4-6 L is a 8-10 XL is about a 12+. Still have questions? Email our Mommylicious Support Team at:

A: Most women will experience increased breast size during pregnancy, so you will need size larger than your normal during this period. Fashion bras are not specifically designed for support of the heavier breasts. Since you will need nursing bras. we combine the maternity and nursing bra function for your convenience and value. Beautiful MommyLicious Maternity bras will not only provide you with comfort and wireless support, but they will also be stylish way to start nursing after you deliver your baby.

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