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Refrigerator Handle Switch Prank - Make a Fool Out of Your Coworkers!

what statement best describes a modular switch

Ahh yes, the saga of the Squid Labs downstairs refrigerator.

It all started one day when someone decided that the refrigerator door should swing open from the right instead of the left. It was a reasonable enough assumption, the door would often get in the way as it was and opening towards the wall is far more practical than opening towards the middle of the already small kitchenette. So that person changed the hinges. It's a strait forward switch, the over-under refrigerator/freezer combo is meant to be modular in that way. It's got hinge bolts for both sides and everything.

The best part is when that person neglects to move the handle to the right side. It's like running a marathon until the last 100 yards and deciding "Eh, I made it this far.

good enough." Or like a lot of French films. Why even try?

Anyways, at roughly the same time the person leaves the job unfinished with a technically working refrigerator but non-intuitive handle placement a comic shows up right smack in the middle of the fridge door. You've seen it before; the Far-Side comic where the "gifted" kid is pushing all his weight into the door that says "pull."

How ironic, right? All these scientists and engineers pulling with all their might on the fridge door that has the handle on the same side as the hinges. This shennanigans lasted for about a month. Apparently you get tricked enough times by the same stupid door you tend to get motivated.

The handle was switched to its rightful side of the door and everything was merry for about a month. Until today.

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