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What terminal is jetblue at lax

what terminal is jetblue at lax

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I arrived last night at Ft Lauderdale airport from San Juan Puerto Rico with my husband who actually cannot stand on his own two feet due to lung cancer and recent chemos. We were very well treated at the San Juan airport, and the wheelchairs and the help I received was amazing. He had to be transported to his seat at the airplane. When we arrived to Ft. Lauderdale they brought him out of the airplane and the guy asked us if we had a wheelchair. I said we didn't and he brought a wheelchair which was totally inappropriate and very dangerous for a handicapped.

For us, JetBlue's competitive edge has always been outstanding service. Truly caring about their customers, and when they mess up (everyone does) doing what's right and fair by them. The only other difference from their competitors is that one free bag. But who cares about a free bag when you get treated like they couldn't care less about your business. I gave them every opportunity to be fair with me. Not only did they refuse to do so, they wouldn't even give me the dignity of a phone conversation. Immediately after the incident,

it took me weeks to get someone on the phone. I was promised a Central Baggage Supervisor (**) would call me back. She never did. When I finally tried her again, she acted extremely annoyed that I would bother her and rushed me off the phone. The only information I received in the mere seconds she deigned to give me was that the issue should be submitted in writing for her to even discuss it.

I called again, because this whole time I just wanted the courtesy of a phone conversation. I left a message over a week ago and who wants to guess if this "supervisor" ** ever got back to her customer? If you want to take the risk that the vacation you saved for and got excited for gets completely ruined - sure, fly JetBlue. Hey they might not screw it up. But if they do, and that's a distinct possibility with the way they've been running things lately, you can be assured you will NOT be fairly compensated or even made to feel like they remotely care. JetBlue has received the last of our business due to this incident and the horrifying manner in which they "handled" it.

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