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What terminal is united at lax

what terminal is united at lax

“Duty Free Shopping at Terminal 4 at LAX”

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I am really sorry it took you 20 minutes to google a phone number. Surely you cannot blame DFS for that.

I typed in" lax duty free phone number" and voila the first result which incidentally is a reply from the famous HopSkipJump has a phone number in the search summary. Time to type. 15 seconds plus 0.45 seconds for the resutls

Secondly, there are sites like yelp and other that i dont even care to menion that are complaint cesspools and I would suggest you file your complaint in triplicate there -- Not sure what you would like TA members to do if you don't want to purchase duty free at LAX.

The poor lady you called may have been surprised to receive

a call and was just doing her job. Agree she should have answered the phone with a polite Hello May I help you. If you would like to officially complain, please call DFS (let us know if you want us to google their contact info for you) and you can tell them your issues.

Thirdly, there are plenty of discount stores, online stores that have competitive prices and perhaps that would be the way to go and get your perfume. Not sure we can help you with those sites but again google is your friend. try "Cheap fragrances"

With full credit to Mr HSJ

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On DFS's website, they list their phone number for LAX as: 310-348-2678

Their Hollywood store's phone number is 323-960-4888.

Here's a link to their info page:

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Have a great trip from LAX.

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