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Time management

what time do i set my clock forward

Developing time management skills is a journey

that may begin with this Guide, but needs practice and other guidance along the way.

One goal is to help yourself become aware of how you use your time

as one resource in organizing, prioritizing, and succeeding in your studies

in the context of competing activities of friends, work, family, etc.

First: try our exercise in time management :

How do you spend your time each day?

Strategies on using time:

These applications of time management have proven to be effective as good study habits.

As we go through each strategy, jot down an idea of what each will look like for you:

  • Blocks of study time and breaks

Jot down one best time block you can study. How long is it? What makes for a good break for you? Can you control the activity and return to your studies?

Select one of the ten applications above.

and develop a new study habit!

Try something you have a good chance of following through and accomplishing.

Nothing succeeds like a first successful try!

Try the University of Minnesota's Assignment Calculator

Develop criteria for adjusting your schedule

to meet both your academic and non-academic needs

Effective aids:

This simple program will help you identify a few items, the reason for doing them, a timeline for getting them done, and then printing this simple list and posting it for reminders.
  • Daily/weekly planner

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