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What was fibonacci famous for


the golden ratio turns famous faces into fibonacci celebrities

images courtesy of igor kkk

in the seeming randomness of the natural world, instances of mathematical order are ubiquitous. the fibonacci numbers and similarly related ‘golden’ elements are evident in the composition of the galaxies, weather patterns and various types of lifeforms. these series of identically proportioned golden rectangles produce ‘perfect’ configurations, mathematically and aesthetically.

the face of actor nicolas cage is disfigured into a rectangular shape based on the golden ratio

a moscow-based designer igor kkk has applied these proportions to a category of humanity that seeks the perfection logarithmic spirals can provide: celebrities. his graphic project ‘dr fibonazi’s plastic surgery clinic’ sees the application

of the golden ratio and iterations of the sequence to faces like jack nicholson and nicolas cage.

‘arrange your face features to match the fibbonacci sequence’ the satirical project info reads, promising to transform the celebrity portraits into more ideal versions of themselves. however, the series proves that the fibonacci sequence isn’t always a recipe for excellence, apparent in the distorted, disfigured and warped new appearances the famous figures bear.

sylvester stallone’s face swings into a warped version of himself

brian cranston’s face is pinched upwards, elongating his mustache and chin

aaron paul’s stretched face comes as a result of the golden ratio

nina azzarello I designboom

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