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Reading Festival Weekend Ticket 2015

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When will I receive the wristband for access to the loos?

Simply order online, and arrive onsite with your proof of purchase and some ID. Our friendly Seat of Luxury team will tick you off the list, and issue you with a lovely SOL Wristband; meaning you'll be enjoying beautifully clean and fresh facilities all weekend long!

Where can we find the lavatories?

They are located in the Village area of the campsite.

Are there any Seat of Luxury WCs in the festival arena?

Currently we only have the toilets in the Village, to allow easy access from both the campsite and arena.

What time are the facilities open from?

The loos are open all the way from 07.00 - 01.00

Why are the loos not open all day?

We keep the loos open for 18 hours a day while the loos are in most demand and also allowing us to keep the price of the ticket as low as possible.

Are there unlimited tickets for the seat of luxury?

Tickets are strictly limited in order to keep queues

to a minimum and to ensure the experience at these luxury loos is not compromised!

Will there be queues for the loos?

Despite limiting the number of tickets we sell, you may have to queue at the busiest times. However, rest assured that when you arrive you will be using clean, luxurious WCs that are well worth the wait.

How regularly are they cleaned?

The loos are permanently manned by our team of expert cleaners who will continually monitor and clean the cubicles as required.

Will tickets to the loos be available at the event?

We limit the number of tickets available at each event, and should there be any remaining, these will be available for purchase at the event. Hurry; it's first come first serve!

Are there any disabled loos?

Yes, there will be a disabled loo in the seat of luxury area however, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that this will be a fresh flushing loo. In this case it will be substituted with a WC similar to the ones you will find in the disabled campsite.

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