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When can a child face forward in a car seat

when can a child face forward in a car seat

Can a C5 C6 bulging disk cause a buzzing/vibratory sensation in my face and neck?

I am a 38 year old female who has spent too much time at doctor's offices this year. Years' prior to this I would go for an annual physical and a trip or 2 to the doctor for a sinus infection. I have seasonal allergies that I take zyrtec or xyzol for when needed. I don't really take any other meds except a daily vitamin when I remember. My labs have all come back okay so not my thyroid or potassium levels.

I went to the doctor in late July because I felt like I was vibrating or better yet had buzzing in my R cheek and a migraine. Nights prior to this I was waking up in the middle of the night with my fingers asleep (pinky and ring fingers on both hands). I would change postitions and go back to sleep. We flipped the mattress thinking it may be that. The next day I woke up and the buzzing is in my legs as well as my R cheek. I took a Cyclobenzaper at bedtime and it helped me get to sleep. I start to notice my legs twitcing, not the whole leg but isolated spots in my legs/certain muscles. This then goes to my eye as well. This continues and is noticeably worse at nighttime when I am trying to get to sleep. I notice it gets worse if I do not sleep well. The initial doctor who saw me for this back in July was a psyiatrist and said that if my symptoms did not go away to see a neurologist. In early September, I go to see a neurologist. I have no weakness with these strange sensations so that is a good thing. My blood pressure is high at the neurologists office so he thinks

it is my heart and refers me to a cardiologist. The cardiologist does a 24 hour holter monitor and basically says my heart is fine. I go back to the neurologist who then orders and MRI of the brain and neck.

I do ashtanga yoga and had a neck injury from doing headstand in 2007. It was never xrayed though. I did receive PT with Mackenzie approach that was successful. Back then, I had headaches and terrible pain with turning my head to the right and upward.

Back to my most recent MRI's. My insurance would not approve an MRI with contrast so they were done without. Brain was unremarkable (phew, no MS) and neck states right paracentral disk protrusion at C5-C6 resulting in mild central and moderate right neural foraminal stenosis. So, that's it! I am thrilled to find out what the cause of my weird buzzing or "idling" sensation is from. I go back to PT for more Mackenzie treatment with neck roll backs. Only thing is that now I have developed tinnitus in my R ear that gets worse when I pull my chin back or when I push against my forehead. I do my exercises when I feel the idling sensation but don't really think it is working after 3 weeks. I have woken up the past 3 days now exhausted despite a full nights sleep. It feels like something is flaring up again. I called the neurologist today and he is starting me on gabapentin, which I filled and am researching online tonight. I am scared to take it but will to see if my symptoms go away. I just want this to all stop.

So, my question is. can someone have muscle twitching, tinnitus, and a vibratory/buzzing feeling all from a protruding disk at level C5 C6 or is something else going on that the doctors are missing?

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