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When car seats expire

when car seats expire

To help you shop for the perfect car seat, we've compiled Top 10 lists of our best-selling models in each category. Brush up on car seat basics below, then start browsing the lists by type.

    Infant seats are rear-facing only and can take your child from birth up to 35 pounds. They can often be used with certain strollers to create a travel system. A convenient handle lets you carry baby from the backseat to the stroller without disrupting nap time. And, you can use the same car seat for two different cars with the simple addition of an extra base.
Top Infant Seats
  • Convertible seats start off rear-facing and eventually can be positioned forward-facing. Experts recommend kids remain rear-facing until age 2. Compared to an infant car seat, the convertible seat will accommodate your child longer (although it can't be removed from the car as easily as an infant seat). Top Convertible Seats
  • Toddler seats and 5-point harness

    combination boosters are forward-facing only. This option lets your child use a 5-point harness restraint — considered safer than an adult seat belt — longer. After your child reaches the weight limit for the harness, the seat can be used as a belt-positioning booster with your car's seat belt. Some options can accommodate your child up to 120 pounds. Experts say children should use a booster until at least age 8. Top Toddler Seats

  • Booster seats utilize your car's seat belt and are meant for kids who have outgrown toddler seats, but aren't yet big enough to use the adult seat belt alone.

    Note: Life spans of most car seats are 5 to 9 years from the date of manufacture. A car seat with 2014 in its name might not expire until 2023. You may be able to save a few bucks by shopping for a car seat manufactured in the previous year — some retailers will mark down the prices on those products.

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