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When did the brady bill expire

when did the brady bill expire

User: What kind of waiting period did the Brady Bill mandate for the purchase of handguns? three days five days seven days ten days

Weegy: This Act expired and is no longer law. However, when initially passed it mandated a five day waiting period, ostensibly to allow the government to check on the background of the person applying to own the firarm. [ After five years it died out as a nationwide instant background check system was implemented and the 5 day wait period was abolished. ]

User: The capital city of Afghanistan is: Baghdad Tehran Islamabad Kabul

User: President Obama signed an order to close the Sing Sing Guantanamo Alcatraz prison due to alleged abuses and use of torture

Weegy: President Obama signed an order to close the Guantanamo prison due to alleged abuses and use of torture.

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User: The "Don't ask, don't tell" policy initiated by President Clinton involved the Supreme Court armed forces justice department

User: Bill Clinton defeated George W. Bush Robert Dole George H.W. Bush in the 1992 presidential election

User: What was the

principal reason the Federal government spent so much money during the Bush administration? to repair damage caused by Katrina to stop spiraling high inflation to fight the War on Terror to bail out savings and loans

Weegy: It is: to fight the War on Terror

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User: How was the 2000 presidential election finally decided? by a joint vote of both sides of Congress by a United States Supreme Court decision the House of Representatives had to vote by the final recount of disputed election ballots

Weegy: The electoral vote was very close and the vote in Florida was especially close. Furthermore, Florida's 25 electoral votes were enough to tip the election. After Bush was certified as the winner in Florida, a recount confirmed the Bush win. [ However, the Gore team filed suit alleging improprieties in the recount and eventually the Florida State Supreme Court ordered another large recount that could not be completed until late December. The US Supreme Court overruled the recount order and Bush remained the winner in Florida and so won the election. ]

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