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Applying for a New License (Drivers 18+) in Arizona

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Apply for a New Arizona Driver's License

If you've just moved to Arizona, or you've never been licensed to drive before, you'll need to get an AZ driver's license right away to begin driving legally in the state.

The AZ Department of Transportation – Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) makes getting a license simple. Follow the steps outlined here to make sure your application goes as smoothly as possible.

New to Arizona?

Once you move to Arizona, you'll need to get an AZ driver's license and register your vehicle(s) immediately upon establishing residency.

Arizona considers you a resident when any of the following situations apply:

  • You work in Arizona.
    • This does NOT apply to seasonal farm work.
  • You're a registered voter in AZ.
  • Your children go to an AZ school and the tuition rate reflects that of a resident.
  • Your business operates in AZ and operates vehicles in the state.
  • You have a business that uses vehicles as a transport for goods or passengers in AZ.
  • You live in AZ for 7 months or more during

    a calendar year (regardless of whether you claim AZ as your permanent residence).

NOTE: If you are an active duty military member who is based in AZ and you qualify for exemption by the Service Members Civil Relief Act of 2003. you are not an AZ resident and do not need to apply for a license.

To apply for your new driver's license, take the steps outlined below.

NOTE: If you hold a current out-of-state license, you will likely be able to forego the written knowledge test and driving tests required for licensing in Arizona (although the MVD does not make any guarantees). If it has been determined that you must take the written exam, the MVD offer a basic practice test to help you study.

Important Time Saving Tip

In addition to the basic practice test offered by the MVD, an ideal way to ensure passing the written exam on your first try is to study with the help of an online practice test from our certified partner. These comprehensive learning tools use proven teaching methods to make sure you understand the material and retain it.

Arizona Drivers Preparation Course

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