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What is Company Alert ?

Company Alert is a simple way to keep an eye on a company.

How can you benefit from using Company Alert?

When you use Company Alert, you will be informed overnight when companies tell us about changes. The system is free and fully automated.

receive advice of fundraising, takeovers or share buy-backs.

Credit managers can use Company Alert to:

monitor competitor's financial results

receive shareholder information, and

get advice of fundraising, takeovers and material disclosures.

How do you use Company Alert?

When you first arrive at Company Alert you will need to set up your own Company Alert profile. Your personal profile sets up and manages the alerts you get. For each email address you may have up to five profiles of 25 companies each.

Your profile contains your requirements - your name, your email address and details of the companies and documents you wish to monitor. After you have registered your profile you will receive a profile number - this is your unique identifier for that group of companies and documents.

You may set up more than one profile. You will receive a different profile number for each one. Company Alert will automatically email you if a document is lodged which matches your profile(s).

You can update your profile(s) at any time to add companies or change details such as your email address.

How do you create a profile?

The screen you arrive at will allow you to set up your Company Alert profile:

select 'Add' from the Action menu

leave the profile number blank, and

hit 'Submit'.

Do not include any information in the profile number space - this unique number will be issued automatically by ASIC after your profile is registered.

enter the end date for your monitoring;

The end date cannot be more than one year in the future.

The start date is set automatically to the date on which your alert is raised.

select the types of documents you want to monitor (if you are not sure of what each category covers, see 'What are document categories' below

enter the Australian Company Numbers (ACNs) or Australian Registered Body Numbers (ARBNs) or Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) codesof the companies you want to monitor ( a combination of ACNs, ARBNs and ASX codes may be used:

If you do not know the ACNs there use the link to Organisations & Business Names search where you can find them. If you are not sure how the search works you can use the Help screens.

You may find many companies with similar names. Companies listed on the ASX usually just have 'Ltd.' after their names, not 'Pty. Ltd.'.

hit 'Submit'

You cannot select different categories of documents for different companies on the one list. The list of documents you have selected applies to all companies on that profile.

If you want to choose a different range of document categories for some companies you may create another profile to include those companies and those documents.

How do you know if your profile has been registered or updated?

Select 'Display profile' from the Action menu to view the current details of a profile.

The day after you register or change your profile you will receive an email which will confirm all profile details. This email will also contain your profile number which is your unique identifier for this particular group of companies and documents. You will need to use this number in the future - so don't lose this email.

Remember, anyone who knows your profile number can access and update your profile. It is your responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your profile number.

How do you change a profile?

Once you have created a profile you can 'Display', 'Change', 'Cancel' or 'List' it. If you want to make changes to or check the status of a profile you have created you must first enter your email address and unique profile number in the first screen of Company Alert.

'Display' gives details of the profile you have selected including categories of documents and company names and numbers.

'Change' allows you to change any information except the profile number and the start date.

'Cancel' allows you to do just that - cancel your profile - but not until you have actually submitted your message! 'List' allows you to check how many profiles you have registered and their profile numbers. Simply select 'List', enter your email address and select 'Submit'. You will receive a message saying "Email listing all company alert profiles has been sent" and an email will be sent to you immediately providing your profile numbers and names.

What happens when your alert profile is due to expire?

When you set up your alert profile, the end date may not be more than one year in the future. Approximately two weeks prior to the end date, you will receive an email advising you that your alert profile is due to expire. If you no longer need the alert, do nothing. If you want to extend your alert profile, then you must change your Company Alert details.

To change the expiry date:

The screen you arrive at will allow you to change your Company Alert profile:

select 'Change' from the Action menu

hit 'Submit'.

The next screen is headed 'Change Company Alert Profile'. On this screen:

enter the new end date for your monitoring - note the end date cannot be more

than one year in the future from date you are making the change

hit 'Submit Change'.

A screen will appear stating that

"Change of profile number 00000000 for successful. An email confirming the updated profile details will be sent to you tonight."

What information will you get from Company Alert?

Company Alert will tell you the types of documents lodged. The document type will indicate such things as:

appointment of a receiver, liquidator or external administrator


changes in the officeholders of a company

lodgement of share buyback documentation, and

other circumstances likely to significantly change the prospects of a company that the law requires the company to make public

If you require further details about the document, you can purchase a company extract or a copy of the document from us at ASIC Connect or from an ASIC-approved information broker .

How many companies can you monitor?

Company Alert will allow you to monitor up to 25 companies on a single profile. You may create up to 5 profiles for each email address.

How will you be advised when documents are lodged?

All Company Alert notifications will be emailed to you at the email address in your profile. We will notify you by overnight email that a document has been submitted for lodgement. The email will be sent on the evening of the day the document is entered into the ASIC database.

What happens if emails cannot be delivered?

Company Alert is automated. It will use standard internet email facilities to attempt to deliver an email to the address specified in your profile. If this attempt to deliver your email is unsuccessful, no further attempts will be made.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your profile(s) specify a valid email address.

How much does it cost to use?

Company Alert costs is a free service, however there is a cost if you require company extracts or copies of documents.

How do you get company extracts or copies of documents?

As a result of receiving an email telling you that a document has been lodged you can buy a company extract or DocImage (a copy of the document) from us at ASIC Connect  or from an ASIC-approved information broker .

What are document categories?

Your profile(s) can specify that you wish to be notified if any document is lodged for a company or companies, or if one or more particular categories of documents are lodged.

The categories which can be specified on a profile are shown below. To view a list of the ASIC form codes included in each category, click on the category heading.

Please note: Some forms in these lists are no longer used, and are only included for historical purposes. You can download a list of current forms for reference .

This category covers documents that result in changes of company name, type or class, change of registered office, initial appointment and changes to directors and secretaries of companies, foreign companies and registered Australian bodies, lodgement of allotment of shares, alteration to share capital and notices relating to substantial shareholdings.

This category covers copies of resolutions, offer documents, notices, disclosures relevant to information when offer made, and notice of cancellation of shares relating to buy-backs.

This category covers notices that companies have been placed in any type of external administration, notices of appointments of external administrators and notices of ceasing or changes to details of external administrators.

This category includes applications to ASIC, or action initiated by ASIC, to deregister a company, or restore a deregistered company to the register. It covers all documents that result in a change in the status of a company to either SOFF (meaning strikeoff action has been initiated) or to DRGD (meaning the company has been deregistered).

This category covers documents that inform ASIC of significant changes in an organisation that could have some effect on its future prospects or market value. This includes changes in control, acquisition of significant assets, significant asset revaluation, significant changes in prospects, and suspension of its listing on the ASX.

Please note: Forms 7053 (disclosure notice) are not publicly available until they have been imaged at our Traralgon office.

This category covers accounts of public companies including accounts of disclosing entities (yearly and half-yearly), copies of accounts of proprietary companies (if they are required to lodge such documents), and returns by management companies.

This category covers all fundraising documents including supplementary prospectuses.

This category covers bidder's statements and target's statements.

This category covers all takeover documents.

What are the Terms of Participation for Company Alert?

By using Company Alert profile, you agree that the following sets out the Terms of Participation ('terms') in the Company Alert system ('ALERT').

1. ASIC does not guarantee the accuracy of the contents of an ALERT notification and will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from its use.

2. ASIC does not guarantee that the operation of the ALERT system will be error free. If errors occur, ASIC's liability is limited to resupplying the information.

3. The information used in the ALERT system is and remains Crown copyright.

4. You will not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these terms.

5. The laws of the State of Victoria govern these terms.

This is Information Sheet 21 (INFO 21). reissued in April 2012. Information sheets provide concise guidance on a specific process or compliance issue or an overview of detailed guidance.

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