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When do checks expire? How long do I have to cash a check after is it issued?

when do checks expire

I have a couple of checks from businesses. Usually they'll say 'Void after 90 days' or something to that effect, but there's not such statement on a couple of them. So, how long would I have to cash them? Are they good forever?


Believe it or not, there really is no firm rule about this in the United States. Technically, it's possible for your bank to try to cash a check even after the printed expiration date, but only if they have a good faith reason to believe that there are funds to cover the amount, and also that you're not up to anything fraudulent.

Now, those are a couple of big "only ifs", and because of that, most banks will (1) honor any "Void after XX days" printed on the check - they

simply won't cash it past that date, and (2) in most circumstances, a bank will not cash a check that is more than six months old - 180 days past the issue date and it's a no go.

Again those are general rules. In special circumstances, you may very well be able to get a check cashed outside of those parameters. But if you can, go ahead and get those checks cashed now before they're more than 1-2 months old -- save yourself any confusion or delay at the bank, because even if it gets cashed, it's possible that you'd have a delay while the bank teller asks management whether they should honor your four-month-old check.

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