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Debit cards - do they expire on the date or after the date?

when do debit cards expire


My last card was due to expire end of Dec 2011. It stopped working end November. I called Barclays and was told once they send out the replacement card, the current card will cease to work so long after that, you have about a month. In my case I'd not received the replacement even though they sent it, therefore I was completely without until the new one came. So, I wouldn't leave it as a wait and see or you could get stuck like I did!

Don't know if Barclays still use the same useless courier firm that I had trouble with many years ago.

Got home one day to find a card from this firm saying they had tried to deliver what turned out to be my new Debit card. Do

you think i could arrange a delivery convenient to me, could I f***!

No the couriers would only deliver to a fixed selection of post codes and between 11am and 3pm or some such equally stupid hours weekdays. They wouldn't deliver to my work address because it wasn't in one of their postcodes, by about 100 yards and they would probably have to drive past the place to get to "their" area anyway!

They wouldn't deliver evenings or weekends or guarantee a time so I didn't have to sit around at home all day waiting for them.

In the end Barclays stuffed the original envelope in another one and posted the card to me! Normal mail not even recorded. And they have done that ever since and never had a problem.

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