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when do license tabs expire

You can donate to the following organizations when you renew your vehicle tabs:

Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Account

When you renew your vehicle tabs, you may choose to donate $1 or more to support outreach and education about organ, eye, and tissue donation. For more information about this account, see Organ Donor .

How to donate

To donate to the Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Account when you renew your tabs:

  • If you renew online. type the amount you want to donate on the confirmation screen before you pay your tab fees. This amount will be added to your total renewal cost.
  • If you renew by mail or at an office. write the amount you want to donate in the fee worksheet on the back of your renewal notice, and add it to your total renewal fees.

State Parks Account

A donation to the State Parks Account keeps state parks open. With your support, more than 100 state parks all over Washington

provide beautiful settings for camping, picnicking, hiking, bicycling, boating, or just relaxing in the peace and quiet of nature. For more information, visit or call 360.902.8844.

How to donate

A $5 donation to keep state parks open is included in the total cost of your vehicle tab renewal per RCW 46.16A.090. To donate, simply renew your tabs and pay the amount shown.

If you’d like to offer even more support to Washington State Parks, you can place a check in a donation box at a state park or mail it to:

Washington State Parks Headquarters Office

1111 Israel Road SW

Olympia, WA 98504-2650

How to opt out

If you don’t want to donate to state parks, you may opt out and subtract $5 from your tab renewal cost.

How to get a refund

If you make a donation in error, you may request a refund from Washington State Parks. To get a refund request form, visit the State Parks website at .

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